Prof. Caroline Ingre

Prof. Caroline Ingre
Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden

Dr Ingre became an MD at Karolinska Institute in 2006 and specialist in Neurology 2013, further
specialist in neuromuscular medicine 2015 and senior consultant 2017. CI has managed ALS patients
since more than 15 years and is head of the ALS Department at Karolinska University Hospital since
2014. CI did a PhD in clinical neuroscience in 2013 at Umea University on the ateology of ALS
genetics. CI has then held a post doc in clinical neuroscience at Karolinska Institute where she now is
the head of a research group in the field of ALS. CI has created a national ALS/MND quality registry
in Sweden and her main interests in ALS research are risc- and prognostic factors, PROMS, imaging,
biomarkers as well as conducting clinical trials. CI founded the Karolinska ALS Clinical Trial Center in
2018 and now conducts several clinical trials in ALS including patients from all over Sweden.