TRICALS is the largest research initiative to find a cure for ALS to date. Over 40 top research centres in 14 countries have joined hands with EUpALS, national patient organisations and fundraisers to reach our one goal: find effective treatments for ALS.


Currently, less than 5% of patients participate in clinical trials. TRICALS aims to open clinical trials to all people with ALS – giving them and their loved ones the possibility to make a meaningful contribution to free the world of ALS, forever.


TRICALS is a unique international collaboration uniting patients, top researchers and ALS foundations from across Europe. By uniting our efforts, resources and talents, we will be quicker in realizing our shared ambition: to speed up the development of new medicines for ALS and bring effective therapies to patients as fast as possible. 


To reach our goal, the active participation of people with ALS is essential and urgent. Each person with ALS holds an important piece of the puzzle, and putting the puzzle together will help us to find new and more effective treatments. We believe that with our new approach, where we all work together, we can make the difference. We can turn ALS into a condition that is treatable. When we all work together, we can build a highway towards a cure.