Gorrit-Jan Blonk

Gorrit-Jan Blonk
Managing Director Stichting ALS Netherlands


My name is Gorrit-Jan Blonk and I am 53 years old. I am married and we have 3 childeren.


I became de CEO of the Ducth ALS foundation (in the Netherlands responsible for awareness and fundraising) in june 2014. We are with 10 people in our foundation and work very closely together with the ALS patient connected (they are responsible for the patient advocacy in the Netherlands and also a member of EUp) and the ALS Centre in Utrecht (responsible for research in cure and care). The Dutch ALS foundation was founded in 2005 and is also a proud member of the international alliance were I also serve as a board member. 


In the board of directors of EUpALS I am responsible with Gudjon Sigurdsson for the Patients and Carers Expert Board. I strongly believe in international collaboration because I think we will find a sollution much quicker if we all work together instead of al on our own. My dream is to become unemployed as a direcor of the Dutch ALS foundation because that would mean we found a cure for ALS